Screw Machine Modeling and Simulation

Screw Machine Modeling and Simulation

GT-SUITE is the ideal tool to model screw machine thermodynamics, flow pulsations, friction, and integration with other systems. These screw machines are modeled as a compressor, pump, or expander and consider pure gas, liquids, two-phase mixtures, and two-phase refrigerants. Models are used across a wide range of applications including hydraulics, fuel, lubrication, cooling, transmission, HVAC, gas processing, and aftertreatment systems.

In order to build accurate chamber thermodynamic models, information about the screw machine volume geometry, inlet and outlet porting, and clearance gaps must be known. This information can be calculated from CAD, inhouse tools, or other 3rd party tools such as SCORG, an industry leading screw machine modeling software.

GT-SUITE now fully integrates with SCORG, a unique software for the design and analysis of positive displacement screw compressors, pumps and motors. With this integration, inputs calculated from screw geometries in SCORG are automatically populated in the GT-SUITE interface. Thermodynamic chamber models are then run in GT-SUITE or SCORG and can be further utilized to analyze flow pulsations and prop muffler design to attenuate undesired NVH noise. Other important factors are also analyzed such as the optimization of tribological bearing performance with a fast running or high-fidelity thin EHD bearing model.

Product Highlights and Key Predictions

  • Performance vs. speed, pressure rise and temperature
  • Flow and pressure pulsations
  • Muffler design impacts on acoustic response
  • NVH issues, resonance, fluid borne noise
  • Dedicated friction model for vane and gerotor style machines
  • Interaction with relief valve dynamics
  • Bearing loading due to internal pressurization
  • Any fluid can be used: gas, liquid, refrigerant, two-phase with injection
  • Species transport
  • Cavitation and free/dissolved gas
  • Detailed pumps and compressors can be run standalone or integrated into system model