SCORG – Analysis and Design of Screw Machines

PDM Analysis Ltd develops, markets and supports SCORG, a unique software for the design and analysis of positive displacement screw compressors, pumps and motors. PDM Analysis is focused on supporting industry and academia with software tools and services for easy and accurate insight into the performance and design of screw machines.

PDM Analysis and Gamma Technologies have joined forces to offer their customers reliable advanced  simulation capabilities for screw machines based on the complementary strengths of each tool.

Through this partnership, information passes seamlessly between SCORG and GT-SUITE. Users can now rely on the easy to use front end of SCORG to calculate necessary volume, port area, and leakage area profiles for chamber modelling of screw machines. In SCORG, users can also calculate bearing forces and boundary conditions for finite element or CFD analysis of screw machines using GT-SUITE results of thermodynamic chambers.

In GT-SUITE, users import profiles from SCORG in order to model chambers as well as surrounding systems including multi-physics simulation of thermal management, friction, lubrication, acoustics, and controls of the compressor system. GT-SUITE also utilizes bearing forces from SCORG for high fidelity journal, roller, and thrust bearing modelling with optional EHD and flexible body analysis.

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