Webinar: Design and Optimize Screw Machines with GT-SUITE and SCORG

Screw Machine Simulation

Engineers face many challenges when developing screw machines including optimizing performance and efficiency, selecting optimal configurations, and understanding how the machine will perform in a surrounding system.

GT-SUITE, a leading multi-physics simulation software, and SCORG, a unique software for the design and analysis of positive displacement screw compressors, provide a solution to these problems.

By simulating with these powerful tools, engineers quickly discover optimal designs and reduce the cost of physical testing.

In this 45-minute webinar, you will learn from former GT member Jon Harrison and former PDM Analysis member Professor Ahmed Kovacevic, a world-renowned expert in the screw machine industry, about how to:

  • Leverage SCORG & GT-SUITE together for rapid virtual development of screw machines
  • Utilize simulation to shorten development time and optimize screw machine designs
  • Use SCORG for conceptual screw design and performance
  • Use GT-SUITE to study friction, NVH, thermal management, and multi-physics of screw machines

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