GT-SUITE v2021.1 Released

Gamma Technologies is pleased to announce that the GT-SUITE v2021 Build 1 is ready for download!  We’re excited for you to discover all that v2021 has to offer, including:

New Swelling Model in GT-AutoLion

Whether you are studying a new Silicon anode cell chemistry or optimizing your pack design for optimal cooling, swelling of cells must be taken into account since it can affect not only performance but also the structural integrity of the casing.  GT-AutoLion now has the ability to capture the effects of active material swelling during lithiation and is capable of predicting voltage, stress, and strain on the cell, thanks to a tightly coupled electrochemical and mechanical solution.


Integrated Powertrain Vibroacoustic Solution

With its comprehensive electrical library, its links with JMAG Designer and JMAG-RT and of course its state-of-the-art flexible body solution, GT-SUITE can now assist engineers in predicting NVH effects coming from electric propulsion systems.  Study the effects of inverter control strategies, rotor misalignment and Maxwell forces on the stator and the entire driveline, extract surface vibration for acoustic analysis and predict powertrain radiated noise.



Rigorous Variation Analysis


Manufacturing variability, sensor and actuator variability, and even environmental variability can cause significant problems to systems that would nominally operate within the specification limits.  With GT-SUITE you can now apply Monte Carlo based statistical variation to model parameters, set specification limits, study system performance and sensitivity, facilitate informed design decision making and robust system behavior.



Much More!

To see a list of new features organized by application area, please view the “NewFeatures_2021” document which can be retrieved from our download page or viewed after installing GT by clicking File -> Manuals -> Installation_and_Evolution -> NewFeatures.

Download Information: The main contact for your site will be able to download the installer by logging-in to our download page.

If you require physical media or if you have any questions, please email us at

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