Integrated Optimization

Every GTgui license includes full access to a built-in optimizer that allows optimization of any combination of model inputs (factors) to maximize, minimize, or target any single or multiple model outputs (responses). Key features include:

  • Multiple local and global search algorithms to optimize everything from faster-converging problems to the most complex ones that might include highly non-linear behavior, numerous factors, and multiple constraints
  • Expedite long optimization runs by running multiple designs simultaneously through seamless integration with GT-SUITE’s distributed computing
  • Explore design trade-offs among multiple competing responses and constraints with the multi-objective Pareto optimization tool and the NSGA-III search algorithm
  • Directly optimize GEM3D and COOL3D geometry with integrated linking between these tools and GT-ISE.

Selected Applications

Combustion Calibration:  Efficiently calibrate predictive combustion models by finding the best set of constants to minimize burn rate error over all engine operating points.

Muffler Design:  Directly optimize GEM3D muffler geometry to enhance engine performance.  To see an example, watch the video below which walks through the process of minimizing muffler pressure loss while constraining tailpipe noise.

Cranktrain Design:  Multi-objective Pareto optimization of a cranktrain to minimize shaking force and side load.

Vehicle Optimization:  Trade-off study between maximizing fuel economy for a drive-cycle and minimizing 0 – 60 mph acceleration time for an acceleration test by varying drive ratio, tire radius, and gear lockup.

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