Environmental Control Systems


Design and run system simulations of complete aerospace environmental control systems (ECS) including air cycle machines (ACM) and refrigerant vapor-compression loops. Such models can be used to study the air supply ducting, pressurization, humidity control, and thermal management of cabins. The cooling of other subsystems can also be modeled, such as avionics, fuel systems, gearboxes, transmissions, and more.  Steady state or transient (i.e. mission/flight cycles) can be easily set up to study common loading scenarios such as take-off under arbitrary ambient conditions. Applications include the study of worst case scenarios or of common duty cycle operation to ensure comfort and safe system operation.

GT-SUITE’s comprehensive library of thermal and fluid templates empowers users to quickly create ECS models, while mixing and matching various modeling fidelity levels of system components (heat exchangers, valves, pipes, etc.).  Built-in optimization and DOE tools allow component sizing, system layout, and optimization of control strategies. 3D tools packaged with GT-SUITE allow fast conversion of flow systems from CAD data to 1D piping networks or 3D Cabin models (i.e. to study comfort).

Beyond thermal and fluid, GT-SUITE supplies complete component libraries which simulate the physics of mechanical, electrical, magnetic, chemistry, and controls components as well. This allows the possibility to integrate an ECS system with any other type of physical system to study interactions.

Product Highlights

  • Automatically create 1D flow system model from 3D CAD for the complete ECS system air distribution system, liquid circuits and thermal masses.
  • 3D tools for automatic meshing of heat exchangers, fans and air space
  • 3D cabin modeling provides temperature, humidity, and airflow results at any location in the cabin
  • Fully parametric for easy model changes
  • Flow solution is based on Navier-Stokes equations (robust and stable)
  • Always solves energy equation (thermo-hydraulics)
  • Flexible to account for air cycle or vapor compression cycle (two-phase flow) systems
  • Solution is stable, even for two-phase fluid systems with dynamic control
  • Validated templates for turbines, compressors, heat exchangers, valves, and more
  • Model heat exchangers in desired fidelity, from simple models for initial studies to detailed
  • Default solution is fully transient to account for air transport, pressurization, humidity tracking, heat transfer, and more
  • Solution automatically accounts for water vaporization and condensation

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Co-simulation link with TAITherm (RadTherm) to provide thermal boundaries to GT-SUITE models and study human body and ECS system interactions
  • Co-simulate with virtually any commercial or in-house software
  • GT-SUITE includes built-in DOE and optimization to optimize anything from component-level to complete energy consumption

These capabilities are included with every GT-SUITE license.