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Advanced electrochemical modelling and simulation of Li-ion cells can substantially benefit in the design of a battery cell/pack for EV and stationary applications. Creating a highly accurate virtual cell that incorporates complex electro-chemical phenomena for performance, ageing, and safety studies of battery cells/packs can be challenging.

Attendees joined us for this interactive webinar to learn how to build a cell model from scratch or reverse engineer a cell using the least amount of cell testing data possible to model li-ion cell behavior under various operational conditions. During the live Q&A session, attendees also asked questions.

Key Discussion Points:

  • How to build an electrochemical cell model if you are cell manufacturer?
  • How to reverse engineer a li-ion cell if you are an OEM who procures cells from a supplier?
  • What are the best practices of cell reverse engineering?
  • What data one requires for cell reverse engineering?
  • How this virtual cell can be useful in designing a battery pack for various applications?