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Gamma Technologies had organized a webinar on, “Addressing Challenges of Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer Development using System Simulation” on 11th Jan 2023 at 3 pm to 4 pm IST. Our expert Mr. Thomas Vevaud from GT’s European office and Mr. Hitesh Chaudhari from our India office presented the solution we provide to the challenges faced by Engineers working on Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer system development. They spoke about the robust solution for fuel cell stack performance including degradation models, a semi-empirical method to model electrochemistry based on polarization curve in addition to predictive loss mechanism models. They also discussed the approach of modeling the complexity of the fuel cell stack with electrolyte, catalyst, gas diffusion layer, bipolar plate along with physics of mass transfer, heat transfer, water crossover etc. as an integrated component using GT-SUITE to improve user experience and enable modeling flexibility. When it comes to hydrogen production electrolyzer technology has a significant role to play. Thus, we also discussed the solutions we offer to handle the complex challenges faced by Electrolyzer system simulation engineers.     

Hydrogen is gaining traction around the world in both Internal Combustion Engine and Electrification system applications.  Fuel Cell technology has potential to offer a right solution for Heavy Duty applications where high range and fast refueling time is the primary concern. When it comes to the Fuel Cell system, it is more than just the stack. The whole vehicle model plus the balance of plant with cooling system, compressor, humidifier, control strategy etc. must work together to get optimum performance. Mr. Thomas Friedrich and Mr. Felix Kleinheinz from The Advanced Engineering team at MAHLE, GERMANY co-presented the use of system simulation for FC Heavy Duty application.  

We had some time reserved for Q & A session with our experts.

Topics Included:

  • Challenges with Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer system simulation 
  • Solutions offered by GT-SUITE 
  • Overview of use cases from recent US and European GTTC 2022 
  • Case study by industry on Fuel Cell System Simulation for HD application