Valvetrain Modeling

Contact name Mr. Pete Nguyen
Typical duration 2-3 days
Email for more information

This course is designed for new users of GT-SUITE Valvetrain Application.  It will focus on the simulation of engine valvetrains through the use of VTDesign and GT-SUITE.  The following topics will be covered:

Introductory Concepts of GT-SUITE : 

  • 2-D Mechanical Simulation and Visualization
  • Model Setup- initialization, parameters sweeps, Optimization/Design of Experiments
  • Post-processing (GT-POST)
  • Subassemblies and User Compounds

Cam Design (VTDesign)

  • Develop a profile design starting from an existing a reference profile

Valvetrain mechanism kinematics, quasi-dynamic analysis (VTDesign)

  • Generate valve lift from cam shape or vice-versa=Calculate idealized separation speed  (or Spring Margin)Spring Margin (or separation speed)

Cam Design iteration with interactive feedback on critical design constraints (VTDesign)

  • Run VTDesign in interactive mode to dynamically generate critical kinematic and QDA calculated design constraints (e.g. min. negative radius of curvature, max. hertz stress, min. oil film thickness, min. separation speed) while modifying the cam design.

Spring Layout (VTDesign)

Dynamic modeling of valvetrains

  • Modeling Contacts for Hertz Pressure and Oil Film Calculations
  • Multi-mass Spring Modeling
  • Adding Compliance to Valvetrain Components

Multi-body and torsional vibration modeling of camshafts and valvetrain systems

  • Adding Valvetrain Branches and Timing
  • Adding Bearings or supports for bending

If time permits, more specialized topics may be covered as requested by participants.  Some possible topics are: Hydraulic lash adjusters, Cam Phasers, Variable Valve actuation, Timing drives, combined valvetrain-cranktrain models, Transient simulations, user-supplied, CamDesign Optimization.

Note:  This course may be offered as a future open registration event OR requested as a custom training at a GTI office location or your location.