Modeling Engine Heat Distribution

Contact name Shawn Harnish
Typical duration 2
Email for more information

This two-day class will introduce the use of GT-SUITE software for modeling the distribution of heat within the engine thermal structure. Engine heat distribution models allow the prediction of heat rejection to coolant/oil at any operating condition, and may be used to study concepts for reducing fuel consumption by optimizing energy flows to minimize friction during transient warmup events.  The course is targeted towards engineers with responsibility for powertrain cooling, friction reduction, or total vehicle energy management.

This course will cover the process of building and calibrating an engine heat distribution model, beginning from engine CAD data.  The process involves significant use of the 3D pre-processing tools of GT-SUITE (GEM3D and GT-SPACECLAIM).  The following are the primary topics to be covered:

  • Conversion of coolant jackets from CAD Data
  • Conversion of block/head thermal masses from CAD Data
  • Modeling the cylinder structure with 3D finite elements
  • Modeling lubrication oil
  • Calibration of heat transfer
  • Options for modeling engine friction
  • Integration with engine performance model and vehicle cooling circuits


Note:  This course may be offered as a future open registration event OR requested as a custom training at a GTI office location or your location.