Interfaces for Co-Sim, SiL and HiL Seminar

Contact name Mr. Iakovos Papadimitriou
Typical duration 1/2 Day
Email for more information

This seminar focuses on the ways GT-SUITE can be used in combination with external modeling software to simulate the powertrain or its subsystems.  Special attention will be given to Software-in-the-Loop (SiL) and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) applications.  Topics on the agenda will include:

  1. Importing external models for co-simulation in GT-SUITE
  2. Executing standalone GT-SUITE models from an external application
  3. Exporting GT-SUITE models for co-simulation in an external application
  4. Advanced interfacing and co-simulation features
  5. Workflow from a standalone GT model to a SiL and a HiL application
  6. Recommended practices for hard real-time requirements

A SiL and a HiL demo will be presented in the end of the seminar, using one of the popular SiL and HiL platforms in the automotive industry.