GT-DRIVE+ Conventional Vehicle Modeling

Contact name Mr. Jon Zeman
Typical duration 2 days
Email for more information

This course is intended for those interested in developing vehicle models for fuel economy studies as well as dynamic performance tests.  The following topics will be covered in this course:

Introductory Concepts of GT-SUITE :

  • 1-D Mechanical Simulation
  • Model Setup- initialization, parameter sweeps, Optimization/Design of Experiments
  • Post-processing (GT-POST)
  • Subassemblies: internal, external, encryption of subassemblies

The following vehicle modeling topics will be included:

  • Mapped Engine Model
  • Transmissions (Automatic, Manual, CVT, Other)
  • Tire Modeling
  • Vehicle
  • Acceleration Studies (0-100 kph, ¼ mile, etc.)
  • Driver Controls (for Automatic or Manual Transmissions)
  • Driving Cycle Analysis (with Model Based Targeting Controller)
  • Alternative Analysis Modes (Static calculations)

If time permits, extra and more specialized topics may be covered.  The topics will selected by the participants.  Some possible topics are:  Detailed Transmission Modeling, Drivetrain Torsional Analysis and Driveability, Advanced Control Strategies, Integrated Simulations (e.g drivetrain + Fast Running detailed engine Model, drivetrain +cranktrain), user-defined

Note:  This course may be offered as a future open registration event OR requested as a custom training at a GTI office location or your location.