Engine Intake and Exhaust System Flow and Acoustic Modeling

Contact name Mr. Tom Wanat
Typical duration 2 days
Email for more information t.wanat@gtisoft.com

This course is designed for newer users of GT-POWER that are interested in modeling intake and exhaust systems of internal combustion engines, as well as acoustics.  This course will specifically focus on simulation of intake and exhaust systems, including resonators, airboxes, catalysts, and mufflers.  The course will include the construction of models and use of the software, which will enable the participants to use the software immediately.  It will cover the following topics:

Introductory concepts of GT-SUITE :

  • 1-D flow simulation
  • Discretization of 1-D models
  • Model setup – initialization, parameters sweeps, convergence
  • Optimization/Design of Experiments
  • Post-processing (GT-POST)
  • Subassemblies: internal, external, encryption of subassemblies

The following intake and exhaust topics will be covered and examples will be provided:

  • Building intake and exhaust systems for an existing engine model
  • Modeling of: resonator, airbox, catalyst, muffler
  • Using GEM3D to import CAD geometry or build a 3D model and convert it into a 1D model
  • Modeling pressure losses in an intake/exhaust systems
  • Acoustic analysis
    • Transmission loss
    • Predicting SPL at an external microphone
    • Making sound files from simulation (WAV format)
    • Pass-by noise simulation

If time permits at the end of the class, additional topics can be covered, including: Insertion Loss, Noise Reduction, Transient Noise Simulation, Multiple Noise Source Modeling (dual exhaust), ‘Data-only’ Fast Acoustic Calculations, Porous Intake Pipe Modeling, Exhaust Aftertreatment

Note: This course may be offered as a future open registration event OR requested as a custom training at a GTI office location or your location.