2014 GT Conferences, Celebrating the 20 Year Anniversary of GT

We are excited to share with you this summary of the 2014 GT Conferences from Europe, U.S., and India.  This year’s events were highlighted by a special celebration marking the 20th anniversary of the founding of Gamma Technologies.  We are so very thankful to the over 750 engineers who attended these events, and the 45 presenters from major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers who presented their groundbreaking work for all attendees to enjoy.

European Conference

US Conference

India Conference

European Conference:

The 2014 GT-SUITE European Conference was held on October 20-21, 2014, at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany.   The 2014 edition of the conference drew a new record crowd of 360 attendees, representing every major OEM within Europe as well as some from Asia and the U.S.

Joint Session Conference Room Filled with GT Users

The conference presentation format consisted of an early morning joint session, followed by late morning and early afternoon split sessions.  These split sessions were broken out by powertrain and vehicle categories, providing attendees from either powertrain departments or vehicle departments the opportunity to follow presentation topics of most relevance to their interests and job function.   This year we had a record 22 user presentations given, with four presentations each in morning and afternoon engine and vehicle sessions (so 16 total split session presentations), with an additional six presentations given in the morning and afternoon joint sessions.  This year’s presentation contributors included  Audi, AVL, Bosch, CMT-Valencia, Combustion and Flow Solutions, Daimler, FEV, Fiat, Ford, IAV, IVK, Jaguar Land Rover, LAV-ETH, Nissan, M Plan, Mercedes-AMG, Porsche Engineering, Powertech Engineering, PSA, SA Charging Solutions, TU Wien, Valeo, Voith Turbo, Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, and Wartsila.  Pictures and descriptions from selected presentations are given below.

The morning joint session started with a very nice look back on 20 years of evolving simulation complexity and capabilities with GT.  This was presented by long time GT user (first trained in our Westmont office in 1996!) and good friend Christof Schernus.  Christof created a very nice compendium of past user conference presentations highlighting the state of the art of the day through FEV’s and other GT users’ presentations.

Christof Schernus Presents 20 Years of Virtual Powertrain and Vehicle Development

Following Christof’s presentation, there was a topic presented by Volvo Trucks on a subject of rapidly growing interest; the design of cams for engine brakes, which is becoming a more popular modeling subject, especially for studying the interaction of the valvetrain and the engine in an integrated simulation (GT-SUITE V7.5 contains many advancements that make this kind of analysis much more efficient and fast running, so please contact us if you would like more information on this subject).
To finish up the morning joint session, we were honored to have Dr. Raimund Siegert from Daimler present a wonderful keynote presentation on the topic of using GT as a unified tool for modeling the enormous complexities of modern vehicle thermal management requirements.  Dr. Siegert made a special point of noting the importance of consolidating on a single software vs. past practices of co-simulating with many disparate tools, with the unified model providing a full vehicle model applicable for all road/test/drive-cycle types, from high-load (Nürburgring), low load, warmup, and extreme conditions (hot, cold altitude).

Dr. Raimund Siegert Presenting a Keynote Address on Complex VTM Modeling

The morning split sessions were divided into powertrain and vehicle sessions.  The powertrain sessions included presentations from Fiat showing a dynamic GT-POWER Fast Running Model (FRM) running on a dSpace HiL simulator, IAV showing the use of GT for model based calibrations, Ford presenting work on using GT to predict the impact of fuel line vibrations on interior noise (fuel line roar noise), and a presentation from Wartsila on common rail injection modeling with GT-SUITE.  The vehicle session included hybrid vehicle modeling from both TU Wien and Bosch, followed by the simulation of a clutch hill start test from Ford Otosan (Turkey), and vehicle modeling from Mercedes-AMG.  Pictures from a few selected presentations are shown below.

IAV Presenting Model Based Calibration using GT and ETAS Toolchains

Fuel Line Roar Noise Presentation from Ford

Bosch Presents Vehicle Simulation with GT-SUITE

Accompanying the Bosch presentation, a Bosch electrified vehicle demonstrator was brought to the conference and displayed in the main reception area for all to enjoy.


Bosch Electric Vehicle Demonstrator

During lunch and the intermediate breaks, demonstrations were given in a dedicated room, in which GTI presented many of the new features that were recently released in GT-SUITE V7.5.  There were again many GT demo booths in the break room this year, covering such topics as  vehicle thermal management, combustion,  aftertreatment, advanced valvetrain modeling, vehicle and transmission, Fast Running Models (FRM’s) on SiL/HiL, injection and lubrication modeling, and acoustics modeling.  Special thanks to our technical partners from B+K (desktop acoustic simulator), ROMAX (transmission modeling), and Bosch Engineering (electric vehicle) for their contributions to this year’s demo stations.

Demo Rooms Once again very Active during Session Breaks

The afternoon split sessions were also divided into powertrain and vehicle sessions.  The powertrain sessions included presentations from PSA highlighting the use of predictive GT combustion modeling for accurate heat rejection predictions, Vincenzo Bevilacqua of Porsche Engineering’s fascinating presentation on use of an expansion intake manifold in a high-performance engine, two-stage charging simulation presented by Combustion and Flow Solutions, and a presentation on turbocharger heat transfer modeling from Jaguar Land-Rover.   The vehicle session included a cooling valve optimization study from Valeo, waste heat recovery via ORC from AVL, battery electric vehicle modeling from IVK, and battery cooling system modeling from Volvo Cars.    Pictures from a few selected presentations are shown below.


JLR Presentation on Turbocharger Heat Transfer Modeling

Valeo Presentation on Multiphysics Modeling of a Cooling Valve

Volvo Presented a Battery Cooling System, Including detailed Battery Thermal Model

This year we continued with the popular University Science Corner, where three leading European universities displayed their GT-SUITE based work for all to observe.  Representatives from universities at Leipzig, Braunschweig, and  Prague participated in this event, which was much appreciated by the conference attendees.

University Science Corner

At the end of the long conference day, most attendees joined us for what has now become an established tradition; the post-conference beer break.  This provided a fun and relaxing time for all to unwind following the conference activities, and a chance for old friends to reconnect, as well as a nice opportunity to establish new friendships.

Attendees Enjoying the Post-Conference Beer Break

On the Monday evening following the conference and Beer Break, GTI hosted a 20th anniversary celebration dinner and slot car racing event for the conference attendees to enjoy.  This event acted as both a recognition of GT as an engine and vehicle modeling platform for nearly 20 years as well as a show of appreciation to our many loyal customers, some of whom have been GT users since nearly the inception of the company.   We at GTI would once again like to express our gratitude and thanks to all of you who have made GT-SUITE the runaway success that it has become.  Your suggestions, requests, and demands over these past 20 years have provided much of the inspiration for the tool that we present to you today.

A few pictures from the evening event are provided below.

We All Enjoyed a Route 66 Themed Celebration Dinner

“Heated” Slot Car Racing- Congrats to “General Flowsplit” for Best Racer Name

GTI Owners Presented with an Anniversary Cake to Celebrate 20 Years of GT

On the days following the User Conference, GTI conducted over 20 training and seminar events, which were attended by over 200 conference attendees.  This year’s seminars were broken into half day events, with different topics in the morning and afternoon, to allow the attendees an opportunity to get a broader overview of multiple topics.

Thanks again to all attendees, and especially to the presenters, at this year’s conference.  We are looking forward to seeing you again next year.  The conference dates are already set for October 26-27, 2015, at the Steigenberger Frankfurt Airport Hotel.

U.S. Conference:

The U.S. GT-SUITE User Conference was held on November 3-4 at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham, MI.   This year’s overflow crowd of over 250 attendees enjoyed 11 quality presentations from AGCO, Borg Warner, Bosch, Chrysler(2), Cummins(2), EngSim, Ford, GM(2), and Tecumseh.

Speaking of overflow crowds, it appears as if we have now outgrown the Townsend Hotel and will be moving on to a new location for the 2015 conference.  The Townsend has served us well for the past eight years, and we will miss its charm, great service, and central location.   We are happy to announce that the new conference venue will be The Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, MI.  Like the Townsend, The Inn is a unique and comfortable environment for such an event, and we are looking forward to the move there for 2015.  We are also excited about the opportunity to host a split session format at The Inn, and we are hoping to recruit enough presenters for 2015 to accommodate a split session or two.

Crowd of Over 250 at The Townsend; Sadly it is time to move on to a New Venue

The conference presentations were given in three joint sessions; one early morning, one late morning, and one afternoon session.  The early morning session consisted of a presentation from Tecumseh on modeling of pressure pulsations in a compressor based system.  This was followed by an enlightening presentation from Gerry Clark of GM which illustrated the development and use of a predictive neural network based combustion model.  The early morning session concluded with a presentation from Cummins on integrated engine and valvetrain modeling, a rapidly growing application area ideally suited to be analyzed with GT-SUITE.

Following a morning break, the presentations continued with a presentation from GM on vehicle thermal management, a presentation from Borg Warner and EngSim on engine friction modeling with temperature dependence, a fuel roar presentation from Ford, and a presentation from AGCO showing the modeling of a combine with GT-SUITE and MBD software.

A few selected slides from some morning presentations, breaks, and lunch are shown below.

Gerry Clark from GM Presenting on Predictive Neural Network Combustion Modeling

David Holt from AGCO Presenting GT with MBD of a Combine

Attendees Learning about GT V7.5 during Session Breaks and Lunch

We would like to give a special thanks for our friends and enthusiastic GT users at the University of Michigan, who were kind enough to bring their high tech and highly competitive Formula SAE car for all attendees to enjoy and reflect back on their days of competing in this exciting event (boy how things have changed!).

U. of Michigan Formula SAE Car

The final session of the conference included presentations on vehicle thermal management from Chrysler, engine downsizing from Bosch, virtual calibration from Cummins, and predictive SI combustion modeling from Chrysler.  We are so appreciative to all our presenters, and invite you to submit a proposal for a presentation at the 2015 GT Conferences.

At the conclusion of the U.S. conference, we hosted a similar beer break as we did in Europe, and it was just as popular.  It was a great time of networking, socializing, and relaxing at the end of a busy day.  And to celebrate the 20th anniversary of GT, an informal dinner reception was help immediately following the beer break, which was attended by over 100 of the conference attendees.  A few pictures from these events are shown below.

Socializing and Networking during the Beer Break

Enjoying some Fantastic Townsend Sliders during the Dinner Reception

Some Old School Video Gaming, Circa 1994 (year of GT founding)

We are looking forward to seeing all of you again at the 2015 North American GT User Conference, which, as noted earlier, will be held on Nov. 9-10, 2015 at the Inn at St. Johns in Plymouth, MI (new venue).

India Conference:

GTI and ESI-Mindware hosted the Second GT-SUITE User Conference in Bangalore India on October 13-14.  The conference was a great success, with over 100 attendees from the Indian OEM and supplier community (over 40% increase in attendance from last year!)

Along with presentations from the major US and European OEM divisions in India, including Cummins, Daimler, and Renault-Nissan, there were also several presentations from indigenous Indian GT customers, including Hinduja Tech., ARAI, Sharda Motor, and Viridis Chemicals.

In addition to the interesting presentations, attendees had the opportunity to visit sponsor booths from MathWorks, CEI Software, and Esteco modeFRONIER.

Attendees at the GT India User Conference

Award Presented to Cummins after presentation by Manish Meshram & Udaysinh Patil

Hitesh B Chaudhari from ARAI Presenting on Predictive Diesel Combustion Modeling

Interesting Discussions during Tea Break

We pass along our many thanks to the presenters at the India conference, as well as to our partners at ESI-Mindware who did such a great job organizing the event and taking care of the GT-Westmont staff during their visit to India.

The Team at ESI-Mindware Responsible for GT in India

European, U.S., and India Presentations and Pictures:
Approved (by the presenting company) presentations from the conference can be found on our knowledge base web page, https://www.gtisoft.com/gt-suite/publications/.  To search for this year’s conference presentations, simply filter for year 2014 and source GT-SUITE Conference Presentations.

If you are interested in viewing a photo album highlighting all the activities from each conference, click on the following link to be taken to a Shutterfly web site where we have uploaded many pictures.  https://2014gtsuiteconferencepictures.shutterfly.com/

Thanks again to all who presented and all who attended.  We are excited by the prospect of seeing you and more of your colleagues at next year’s events.

Best Regards:

The Entire GT Team