Electric Aircraft

GT-SUITE offers a unique and comprehensive solution for modeling electrified aircraft, subsystems, and components.   With the rapidly changing More Electric Aircraft movement, engineers are challenged to design efficient, safe, and reliable systems that comply with regulatory and safety requirements.

GT-SUITE is a system-level simulation platform that allows systems and components to be modeled in various fidelity, from 0D to 3D- based on a robust, physics-based solution.  Developed in 1994, GT-SUITE was an early pioneer in system simulation, starting with the automotive industry and expanding into the aerospace community.  Different from other system simulation tools, GT-SUITE has hundreds of validated components that allow the user to quickly build and validate models. GT-SUITE licenses include all libraries for all of these components, making model building and validation easy.  Gamma Technologies‘ industry-leading engineering support is included, guiding you to along successful simulation projects.

Product Highlights

  • Predict range, state-of-health, and aging of electrified propulsion systems
  • Ensure optimized vehicle energy management
  • Verify thermal management designs and control strategies for components all the way to complete systems
  • Complete electrical and thermal system simulation, including motors, power electronics, batteries, fuel cells, piston engines, gas turbines
  • 3-DOF and 6-DOF dynamic models for any flight mission
  • Proven and validated battery and thermal system modeling
  • Build controls using a comprehensive controls library, including finite state machines in GTSUITE, or co-simulate with Simulink to develop and optimize control algorithms
  • Easy results viewing and optimization

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Lithium-Ion battery model with calibration data available
  • Characterization of battery models using test data (i.e discharge curves or HPPC test data)
  • Integration of battery thermal management systems with electrical solution for module-to-module, cell-to-cell, or intracellular temperature and current distribution
  • Electrically discretize battery systems to account for losses in battery wiring or cell-balancing circuits
  • Integration of thermal management system to ensure proper temperature control of components, while ensuring pleasant cabin comfort

Run Integrated Simulations With:

  • Battery, fuel cell, gas turbine systems
  • Power electronics and motors
  • Various power systems, including: batteries, fuel cells, piston engines, gas turbines
  • Thermal Management systems
  • 3-DOF and 6-DOF dynamic models
  • Contols systems