Video Series: Hydrogen Mobility Solutions

June 18, 2020

As environmental concerns continue to surge, many engineers turn to hydrogen as an efficient and environmentally friendly power source. However, hydrogen mobility presents a new set of unique challenges.

In our Hydrogen Mobility video series, we share how GT-SUITE provides the ideal environment for accurate and efficient design and analysis of fuel cells, fuel cell electric vehicles, and hydrogen mobility systems.

Fuel Cell Modeling in GT-SUITE

Learn how to use GT-SUITE for accurate and efficient fuel cell design and analysis. The video shows how to reduce testing time, optimize H2 storage, perform controls validations, and more!

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Modeling in GT-SUITE

Learn about the key methods to optimize fuel cell system design while minimizing time and cost. Topics include testing reduction, component design, controls strategies, and more.

Hydrogen Mobility Systems in GT-SUITE

This video explains how to plan, design, and understand hydrogen mobility systems to enable a faster time to market at significantly reduced costs. Topics include design hydrogen refueling stations, combining flow, mechanical and electrical domains, designing tank systems, and more!

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