NEW: Predictive Battery Modeling in GT-SUITE

GT-SUITE is a leading simulation tool for modeling electrified vehicles (HEV, BEV, FCEV), increasingly being used throughout the industry.  And this tool just got better:  Gamma Technologies is pleased to announce that the new version GT-SUITE v2018 now comes with a direct link to the advanced AutoLion battery models.

AutoLion is the industry-leading Li-ion battery simulation software.  It allows engineers to optimize material composition and cell design to meet power, energy, and durability requirements for a given application. It also enables the evaluation of characteristics of Li-ion batteries over a wide range of operating conditions within minutes, significantly reducing the number of lab tests.  These models are truly predictive and allow prediction of dynamic transient battery performance, of battery temperature and its effects, as well as battery aging.

GT-SUITE has pioneered integrated system-level physics modeling, and together with AutoLion will continue to lead the integrated modeling industry as the trend of electrification continues to grow.

To learn more about this new capability of GT-SUITE, attend one of our upcoming conferences!