Li-ion Battery Simulation for Electric Vehicles

AutoLion is the industry-leading Lithium-ion battery simulation software suite used by cell designers and OEMs. It predictively models the electrochemical processes within Lithium-ion cells.  Its fast and reliable electrochemical simulations are used to predict performance and life characteristics for any Lithium-ion chemistry under any operating conditions.

AutoLion-GT is a product developed specifically for integration of AutoLion battery models with GT-SUITE models. With AutoLion-GT, these electrochemical models are integrated directly into GT-SUITE’s electrical and thermal domains. This enables fast-running electrochemical models to be used in GT-SUITE system-level vehicle, thermal, and battery models, allowing performance and life prediction simulations to be run in an integrated environment.

In addition to the advanced capabilities, every installation of AutoLion-GT includes a comprehensive electrochemical materials database, reducing the burden for laboratory testing for electrochemical properties.

Product Highlights

  • Optimize material composition and cell design to meet power, energy, and durability requirements for a given application
  • Predictive aging models of active material isolation, SEI layer growth, and Lithium plating allow a physics-based model of capacity loss and resistance growth
  • Comprehensive electrochemical materials database that includes popular electrochemical materials characterized at a wide range of temperatures and Lithium concentrations
  • Integrate AutoLion-GT models into GT-SUITE vehicle models to predict electric vehicle range and performance

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Discretize battery models at module-to-module or even cell-to-cell level to study how temperature, SOC, and current vary within a battery system
  • Develop and test Battery Management Systems (BMS)
  • Connect to electrical and thermal domains to explore balancing techniques including localized cooling and electrical cell balancing
  • Design, test, and analyze Lithium-ion cells with mixed chemistries and various amounts of binders, conductive agents, and additives

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