GT Presentation at TTTMS Thermal Management Digital Conference

August 14, 2020

We are glad to announce that Gamma Technologies is sponsoring the SAE INDIA TTTMS Thermal Management Web conference to be held from 26th– 29th August. In this event, leading global organizations will be presenting their work on thermal management.

Gamma Technologies is also presenting at the event:

Thermal Management of Electrified Vehicle by Means of System Simulation (SAE Paper 2020-28-0033)

Development of electrified vehicles is recent and poses many concerns regarding their economic viability and performance in terms of range and comfort, as well as safety. Amongst the numerous challenges, one of the most important is the thermal management of the energy storing devices such as batteries and fuel cells. The increasing complexity and varying level of interactions between different subsystems of the vehicles necessitates the use of model-based simulation over tests to reduce development costs and streamline the lead times.

In this paper we will present an integrated system modeling approach to help accelerate the development cycle and test the system over many transient conditions. The paper will describe the workflow for creating such models in GT-SUITE, describing component level modelling including standalone Battery Thermal Management system, Electrochemical Battery Modeling in GT-AutoLion and Cabin Modeling in GT-TAITherm. These standalone models are then integrated to sub-system models including the Refrigerant, Coolant, Cabin, Underhood and Vehicle Systems. These standalone sub-systems are then combined to create an integrated electric vehicle model for determining its performance over a drive cycle at different ambient conditions.

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