GT Offering Two Free Licenses of GT-SUITE to FSAE Teams

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

FSAE student license

We are pleased to announce that we are now sponsoring two free seats of GT-SUITE for FSAE teams!  With this new offering, FSAE students will be able to harness the power of GT-SUITE’s multi-physics system simulation environment to design and develop an electric or IC-powered vehicle that is race-track ready.

GT-SUITE aids FSAE teams in making design decisions for multiple applications. Examples include:

Vehicle Cooling Simulation

Vehicle Cooling
Keeping components cool is a common challenge facing FSAE students. Utilize GT-SUITE’s thermal management capabilities to predict thermal behavior so that when you hit the race track, you won’t be worrying about an overheated vehicle.

Battery Modeling and Simulation

Electrified Vehicle Modeling
Utilize GT-SUITE for electrified vehicle design and analysis. Model important components such as electric motors and batteries, study battery range, and choose accumulator architecture.

Engine Modeling

Engine Modeling
Utilize GT-SUITE’s industry-standard engine modeling capabilities to perform iterations virtually before finalizing the design. Optimize intake and exhaust designs for maximum power, build valve profiles, study the compression ratio, and examine forced induction or naturally aspirated engine models.

Cost and Requirements

The first two licenses of GT-SUITE are free to teams participating in FSAE. All subsequent licenses are available at a cost of $200/license. We ask that all FSAE teams who use GT-SUITE:

  • Display a GT-SUITE sticker on the team car
  • Display the GT-SUITE logo on the sponsor page of the team’s website and link the logo to

Start Simulating!

If you would like to utilize GT-SUITE in your design process, please contact us.