Simulation engineers face many tradeoffs in designing vehicles for optimal cabin comfort while maintaining high energy efficiency and extending battery range. Gamma Technologies and ThermoAnalytics provide a solution that helps engineers face this tradeoff, increase the speed of simulation, and sustain a high level of simulation accuracy.

In this webinar, you will learn how to leverage both GT-TAITherm and GT-SUITE to create a vehicle model that responds to the comfort of an individual inside a vehicle throughout a transient drive cycle. Topics include:

  • How GT-TAITherm’s digital human model provides EHT comfort metrics for the HVAC control system in GT-SUITE
  • How flow distribution calculated using 3D CFD is used in GT-SUITE for improving the accuracy of transient drive-cycle simulation
  • How next-generation cabin comfort technologies like radiant panels are implemented in the cabin model in GT-TAITherm to test comfort and efficiency benefits

This webinar will be hosted by ThermoAnalytics. Please click here to register via the ThermoAnalytics website.