Event Date(s)
Start - Stop Time
Location The Inn at St. John's
44045 Five Mile Road
Plymouth, MI
Register By November 10, 2016 - 12:00 AM CST
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Contact Rodrigo Aihara with any questions.
Presenter(s) Rodrigo Aihara
Language English

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This FREE half-day seminar presents capabilities for modeling lubrication systems, detailed pumps, bearings, and friction. New features of v2017 will also be discussed.

With the increasing demands on lowering emissions and fuel consumption the reduction of engine and transmission friction losses has become a key focus of the industry. Up until now the lubrication system has been affected by optimizations of the engine warmup behavior by means of changes to the combustion process and cooling system implicitly and the introduction of variable and electrical oil pumps explicitly. However additional potential lies in actively controlling the lube supply at moderate engine operating conditions which are common in many driving cycles. In those operating conditions oil temperature is usually lower and viscosity higher than at full load conditions causing increased friction.
This seminar will introduce you to the capabilities of using GT-SUITE for modeling lubrication systems, detailed pumps and friction that can be used to perform design studies on the complex interaction of those systems. This includes an introduction to
– Flexible new ways of modeling of lubrication systems from CAD
– Model management throughout the product design cycles
– Modeling of oil pumps including friction
– Modeling of bearings including using GT-SUITEs EHD bearing technology
– Short overview on new v2017 features for lubrication system modeling