Battery Performance and Aging Prediction

AutoLion-1D™ is a physics-based Li-ion cell simulation tool perfect for evaluation of material scale to cell-level and for rapid cell design and optimization. It allows users to simulate changes in cell voltage, current, and temperature with time. In addition, users can easily study internal cell behavior such as distribution of reaction current, Li concentration in electrolyte, Li concentration distribution in solid particles, etc.

This dynamic tool is perfect for cell design engineers and scientists who are evaluating the applicability of various battery chemistries for their applications. R&D teams and design engineers can very easily and accurately simulate the impact of various chemistries (and any mixture of chemistries) on cell performance and life even before entering into a lab to fabricate a cell.

AutoLion-1D™ provides users with flexibility to simulate behavior of a Li-ion battery under any duty cycle. Not only can users model battery behavior under constant current, constant power, and constant voltage conditions but they can also simulate any duty cycle (any combination of current, voltage, and power) through the user-defined load profile (UDLP) feature.

User Benefits

  • Fast evaluation of various battery chemistries and cell designs under extreme operating conditions
  • Investigation of internal cell mechanisms that dictate performance and safety
  • Reliable predictions of Li-ion degradation/aging over wide range of operating conditions