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As fuel economy standards drive new vehicle efficiency requirements higher, it’s becoming even more important to accurately predict vehicle fuel economy early in the design process. Downsizing and downspeeding of engines have become the primary means of meeting the new regulations and comes at a potential cost of dynamic vehicle performance. These two competing objectives require careful optimization and analysis. Additionally, the management of vehicle platforms with an increasingly wide range of engine and transmission options requires sophisticated simulation tool support. GT-SUITE supports a wide range of engineering needs, from accurate simulations to GUI tools that support teams of engineers in an integrated environment.

This 25-minute webinar will discuss how GT-SUITE is perfectly suited for the fast-moving area of vehicle fuel economy and performance simulation.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • Common fuel economy, performance, and drivability simulation tasks and how they can easily be streamlined in GT-SUITE
  • Support of various component swapping schemes for complete vehicle platform analysis and optimization
  • Multi-objective direct optimization (e.g. 0-60 mph acceleration time versus FTP-75 fuel economy)
  • Stop-start system design and benefit analysis
  • Co-Simulation for control unit and advanced plant model integration
  • Engine model fidelity selection based on analysis objectives
  • Integrated modeling capability for thermal management and aftertreatment