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In many engine boosting applications, a third-party turbocharger needs to be integrated into a powertrain and the respective GT-POWER engine models. The challenge is that turbocharger map data is not always available for all scenarios and maps are often extrapolated/interpolated to provide usable inputs into engine system models. These assumptions often lead to unreliable off-design performance predictions from data that is not supplied by the vendors. But what if you could generate any performance map for a turbocharger from the existing wheel or re-generate geometry if you do not have any wheel geometry available?

In this seminar, attendees learn how to reverse engineer any turbocharger from existing geometry and predict its performance at any operating point using AxSTREAM. Attendees are walked through the steps of how to extract blade profile information and produce complete performance maps for a given machine at off-design points. We also show how you can re-generate and explore flow path geometry options if you do not have wheel geometry available and create performance maps that better satisfy your engine model requirements. Finally, we show how the performance maps generated from AxSTREAM can be directly integrated into GT-POWER for complete engine modeling. By the end of the seminar, attendees will have a strong understanding of how to: reverse engineer a turbocharger; predict performance maps for use in system simulations; and evaluate the effects of design modifications to the blade geometry on the performance map.

This seminar shows a live demonstration of the workflows in AxSTREAM and GT-POWER to perform turbocharger integration.

This session will include:
  • Reverse engineering of turbochargers from existing geometry (CAD or measured)
  • Reconstructed blade geometry from preliminary design solver (NO input geometry required!)
  • Performance Map predictions
  • Integration of generated performance maps in GT-POWER
  • Design modifications to achieve desired performance maps
  • 1-month trial license for the software used in this workshop. Restrictions apply. Contact for details