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Turbochargers continue to strongly contribute to engine downsizing and efficiency trends. Using existing technology combined with new innovations, the limits of off-design conditions are being pushed like never before and with this comes new requirements. Through a new partnership between SoftInWay and Gamma Technologies, engineers can now meet requirements by utilizing AxSTREAM®’s turbomachinery component and performance map solvers integrated with GT- SUITE’s system simulation software. This allows seamless integration of detailed compressor and turbine design and interactions with the full engine powertrain system.

In this webinar, you will learn how to utilize GT-SUITE and AxSTREAM® to optimize design time and turbocharger performance. Topics include:

  • Building reliable turbomachinery models from limited known data
  • Creating and comparing multiple turbocharger performance maps/machines to achieve best overall engine performance
  • Demonstration of design process from preliminary design to blade profiling, structural checks, etc.
  • Complete turbocharged engine system optimization