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In recent years, powertrain engineers have been dealing with increasingly difficult challenges. Fuel consumption legislation is driving engines to be downsized and to operate at lower speeds, while driver expectations for reliable, responsive, and smooth vehicle operation continue to increase. To meet these challenges, new simulation technologies are being developed to solve the difficult, multi-objective problems that these trends bring to light.

This 25-minute webinar video will discuss how new capabilities in GT-SUITE can be used by powertrain, transmission, and driveline engineers to solve detailed engineering problems in a system environment.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • Market segments, transmission architectures, and levels of fidelity that can be modeled within GT-SUITE
  • Capabilities for optimizing gear ratios and shift schedules for fuel economy and performance
  • Utilizing a powertrain systems approach for transmission warm-up and loss prediction
  • Prediction of transmission shift quality through hydro-mechanical interactions and powertrain control models
  • Solutions for predicting powertrain and driveline NVH problems through integration of engine models, transmission and driveline models, and third-party tools