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Due to higher environmental standards and government regulations, production compressors need to be made more efficient. On one hand, the optimum solution is too expensive to be found from testing alone and on the other, 3D-CFD tools, although complete, only make sense to run steady state separate conditions. A new solution is needed to enable many designs and conditions to be investigated quickly and without loss of accuracy.

GT-SUITE is ideally suited for this thanks to an all-in-one Multi-Physics Simulation platform and a unique 1D/3D synergy. The tool can model compressors for all important design considerations including the study of detailed flow, mechanics and thermodynamic behavior, as well as the analysis of machine response in a larger system.

Client participation success story: In this webinar, we will be joined by Sanden International Europe to demonstrate how combining 1D Flow with Multi-Body Mechanics allows compressor designers to accurately predict and optimize performance while saving simulation time and reducing prototyping costs.


  • Flow and acoustics modeling: predicting performance, flow and pressure pulsations
  • Automatically building 1D models directly from CAD
  • Mechanics: MBD, friction and bearing performance
  • Integrated systems modeling
  • Exploring the design space to quickly achieve optimal designs