Lubrication Systems

Contact name Rodrigo Aihara
Typical duration 2 day
Email for more information

This class is intended to show engineers how to model a lubrication circuit in GT-SUITE and to introduce basic modeling concepts in GT-SUITE.  The participant will be able to understand in detail the advantage of GT-SUITE compared to previous modeling methodologies of lube circuits.  The participant will also discover a new way of creating an oil circuit model directly from a CAD File, which is a true alternative & technological breakthrough to efficiently generate 1D lubrication circuit models.

  1. How to Build a Model from a CAD File: The participant will learn how to transform a CAD File into a 1D lubrication model in GT-SUITE using the GEM3D pre-processor.
  2. How to Model Oil Circuit Components in GT-SUITE: The participant will learn how to construct a lubrication model from scratch, including oil passages, bearings, relief valve, and pump.
  3. Analyze Results in GT-POST: The participant will learn how to analyze results of a lubrication model, including a breakdown of the oil flow distribution to various consumers, as well as performing an engine speed and temperature sweep to see how these variables affect results.
  4. How to Model Important Oil Circuit Behavior: The instructor will show that the following types of oil circuit analysis can be performed in GT-SUITE:
    • Steady state
    • Priming/filling
    • Transient thermal oil response (both temperature and engine speed changing)
    • Pump power/energy consumption over driving cycle
    • Detailed pump analysis
  5. Introductory GT-SUITE Concepts: In addition to lubrication specific modeling, this course will also focus on the basics of using GT-SUITE, including:
    • 1-D Flow Simulation
    • Discretization of 1-D Models
    • Model Setup- initialization, parameter sweeps, convergence
    • Post-processing (GT-POST)
    • Modeling of pipes & fluid components
    • Fluid Properties

Note:  This course may be offered as a future open registration event OR requested as a custom training at a GTI office location or your location.