Exhaust Aftertreatment Modeling

Contact name Mr. Jon Brown
Typical duration 1 - 2 days
Email for more information j.brown@gtisoft.com

This course is intended for users interested in learning how to model exhaust aftertreatment systems for gasoline and diesel engines.  The class will include discussion of exhaust aftertreatment modeling theory, and construction of exhaust aftertreatment system models.

The following topics will be discussed in detail:

  • TWC, DPF, SCR, and other exhaust aftertreatment devices
  • Modeling of chemical kinetic reactions for catalysts
  • Soot filtration and regeneration models for DPFs
  • Techniques for calibrating DPF pressure drop and soot regeneration
  • Techniques for calibrating kinetic reaction mechanisms
  • 0D, 1D, 2D, and 3D heat transfer modeling options
  • Compounds and subassemblies for encryption of sensitive reaction information

Note:  This course may be offered as a future open registration event OR requested as a custom training at a GTI office location or your location.