Advanced Engine Modeling (GT-POWER)

Contact name Mr. Tom Wanat
Typical duration 1 day
Email for more information

This course is intended for experienced GT-POWER engine model users, and can cover a wide variety of topics at an advanced level.  It can cover topics such as best modeling practices, calibration, under-used and misused features, and advanced application examples.

Potential topics of discussion:

  • GEM3D
  • Cylinder pressure analysis
  • Semi-predictive SI combustion (neural network approach)
  • SITurb predictive SI combustion model (and in-cylinder turbulence)
  • Procedure to calibrate predictive combustion models (SI and Diesel) to measured cylinder pressure data
  • Model correlation focusing on naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines
  • Considerations for alternative fuels
  • Turbocharger advancements
  • GT-ISE and GT-POST advanced features
  • Transient simulations and Fast Running Models
  • CFD Coupling

Note:  This course may be offered as a future open registration event OR requested as a custom training at a GTI office location or your location.