It is very common to receive feedback from customers, complimenting GT-SUITE and the quality of support by GT staff. Below are some examples of customer testimonials.

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“A really huge ‘Thank You’ to GT for your continuous and awesome support. Our discussions contributed a lot to solve our technical challenges.”
Kashif Memon & Jochen Wengert, MAN

“Willing to accommodate customer requests and reacts fast to implement them. Very impressive…Excellent support from GT for our fuel system and cooling system work.”
Santhosh Akkaladevi, Adam Opel

“Fantastic platform for multi-disciplinary collaboration.”
Mirko Bovo, Volvo Car

“Very good simulation software, get results in short time.”
Fabian Eisele, SHW

“Very powerful and robust software.”
Florian Huck, PSA

“A flexible package that you can manipulate into modeling of what you need.”
Jason Papadakis, Mahle Powertrain

“Great software that is easy to use with a great functionality.”
Michael Sterr, Continental

“GT-SUITE is a wonderful simulation tool that is a pleasure to work with.”
Adam Vondrak, Honeywell Turbo

“Most flexible CAE tool out there!”
John Bulzacchelli, Borg Warner

“The best customer service!”
Dave Edwards, GM Powertrain

“Best simulation tool I have ever worked with.”
Timothy Gardner, Tenneco

“This is software which is pushing the envelope.”
Scott Gendron, GM Powertrain

“Enables battery modeling and hybrid control strategy development.”
Fan He, FCA US

“Great tool. Versatile, and has good balance between fidelity and fast run time.”
Brian Kalina, Roush Industries

“When people asked if something can be modeled in GT-SUITE, I have always been able to say ‘Yes’.”
Timothy Kunz, Delphi

“Leading edge tool, excellent customer support. Tutorials and manuals are very helpful to new users.”
Brian Smith, Eaton

“GT-SUITE has become the ‘Bread&Butter’ for us. No wonder why it is called the ‘Industry Standard’.”
Itesham Syed, Robert Bosch

“The cooperation with customers is great, new ideas are taken with enthusiasm. I have not experienced this to such degree from other software providers.”
Luke White, Robert Bosch

“Much more user-friendly than other 1D system simulation tools in the area of HVAC and cabin simulation.”
Saied Hatefipour, Volvo CE

“GT-SUITE is an integral part of the design process at BMW. BMW uses several components of GT-SUITE, and gains productivity benefits from their commonality and integration.”
Dr. Holger Haas, BMW

“Accurate, simple to use, best in the industry.”
Anthony Coffey, Harley Davidson

“Can take care of all (or almost all) system simulation needs, regarding powertrain and vehicle, with one software.”
Roberto Rastelli, BorgWarner

“GT makes every effort to address customer needs in a timely manner.”
Harold Sun, Ford

“GT is continuously improving their product and they give world-class support.”
Hugh Fader, Ford

“Every time I ask a question, I get a quick response.”
Ondrej Tomek, Kohler

“With GT-SUITE we work and communicate within a common platform that spans every application. This simply isn’t possible with other system simulation tools.”
Brendan O’Grady, Cummins

“Impressive capability to link multiple complex systems.”
Scott Nelson, Jacobs

“Good tool for concept evaluation, additional new features every year.”
Shi Zheng, Tenneco

“The best multi-physics engineering tool I have ever used.”
Danel Eastwood, PTL

“Congratulations, Gamma Technologies has helped to reshape the auto industry and the capabilities of its analysis tools.”
Thomas McKinley, Cummins

“Gamma has set the standard for CAE software. Other applications are being compared to GT-SUITE as the benchmark.”
Rob McAlpine, GM Powertrain

“Superb customer service and willingness to work with customer.”
Yi Zhang, Ford

“With GT-SUITE, we were able to build a thermal management model of the complete vehicle, with integrated controls and multi-fluids.”
Lavanya Kumar, Mercedes-Benz India

“Your support is really the best I have seen compared to other software producers.”
Johan Forss, Scania

“Very useful tool in powertrain control development.”
Steve Tang, Chrysler

“Renault engineers require design tools that allow for collaboration. GT’s reputation and experience in providing such tools to the world’s leading engine makers, makes it a logical choice to assist our company in our development efforts.”
Dr. Stephane Guilain, Renault

“I can count on GT Support to respond within 1 day.”
Susan Perks, Cummins

“We see GT-SUITE as practical and effective for our HVAC modeling. The support services provided by GTI complement the software with accurate and timely answers.”
Sam Gullman, Volvo Car

“It’s an amazing CAE tool that keeps getting better.”
Elliott Ortiz-Soto, GM R&D

“A company that is constantly evolving a very versatile analysis tool to meet the technology changes of the future.”
Sean Keidel, Eaton

“Awesome GUI and great support. Easy to get up to speed with least effort.”
Yash Solanki, IAV

“It’s great to see that GT-SUITE capabilities stay ahead of our requirements. The vision & effort to keep ahead of customer requirements will keep Gamma a leader in this field.”
Gerry Clark, GM Powertrain

“GT’s technical capabilities, coupled with their superior support, made our decision to choose GT-POWER an easy one.”
Suzanne Caulfield, Briggs&Stratton

“GT have achieved a level of capability and accuracy that test cell data is now validated against GT-SUITE.”
Brian Froelich, Cummins

“GT-SUITE provides a quality general tool for many design & optimization problems and provides quality customer service to help deliver results to our customers.”
Andy Feldick, John Deere

“I am very impressed by the good qualitative and quantitative results and by the stability of the software.”
Ivan Bahena, Delphi

“GT-SUITE is an easy-to-use multi-physics software that we rely on.  It is a powerful design tool yielding timely valuable insight into complex aerospace system behavior.”
Curtis Collie, Roush

“GT-SUITE is a strong system simulation tool with user friendly GUI and powerful post processing capabilities. The support is always quick and solution oriented.”
Dr. N. H. Walke, Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI)

Powerful tool with continuous addition of features , capabilities to accommodate industry’s  changing requirements. Thanks team for very quick & wonderful support.”
Abha Rani, Maruti Suzuki India

The best modeling software, get results in the shortest time. Tutorials and manuals are very helpful for new users. GT is constantly improving its product and offers world-class support.”
Rohit Mukare, Rolls Royce Power systems

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