Porsche Engineering

Porsche Engineering combines the competence of Porsche as production manufacturer, technology company and engineering services provider. Porsche Engineering makes these many years of experience available to third parties from automotive and industrial field, according to a policy of strict confidentiality.

Porsche Engineering is able to support the design, the simulation (CFD, FEA, MBS) and the full testing process of a complete vehicle from the scratch to mass production.

Thanks to GT-SUITE interfaces to CAD (GEM3D / COOL3D) or CAD-embedded software simulation activities are integrated in the development process from the very early stages.

Main applications with GT-SUITE software platform:

  • Engine performance analysis
  • Turbocharging and supercharging
  • Dynamic behaviour of cranktrain
  • Dynamic behaviour of valvetrain under motored and fired conditions
  • Lubrication system
  • Cooling system and quasi-3D underhood analysis

Porsche Engineering Group GmbH Porschestrasse
D-71287 Weissach
Tel. +49 711 911 88888
Fax. +49 711 911 88999
Contact: info@porsche-engineering.de
Website: www.porsche-engineering.com