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EngSim corporation is an engineering services company specializing in engine/vehicle simulation and analysis. EngSim’s goal is to be a knowledgeable and trusted resource for the design and development teams of engine manufacturers and suppliers. EngSim has provided its expertise to many leading automotive companies and suppliers around the world. EngSim’s expertise includes:

  • Engine Performance Modeling (Intake/Exhaust tuning)
  • Valvetrain Design (Valve timing, Cam & Design/Optimization)
  • Intake & Exhaust Acoustics
  • Diesel Aftertreatment
  • 1-D/3-D CFD Coupling
  • Vehicle Dynamics (Vehicle acceleration/drive cycles, hybrid/electric)
  • Fuel System Dynamics
  • Cooling System Performance
  • Real Time Simulation

Brad Tillock
EngSim Corporation
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