VTDESIGN Valvetrain Design Tool

VTDESIGN is a graphical preprocessing tool for valvetrain and cam design.  It has several capabilities,
which include:

  • Cam design tool for creating/modifying cam profiles, using one of many methods: constrained polynomials, intuitive b-spline control of acceleration, or hybrid spline with low order constants/slopes/quadratics connected by splines.
  • Dimension-by-dimension visual setup of the valvetrain mechanism.  All 5 standard valvetrain types are supported, and profile entered can be cam shape or valve lift profile
  • Kinematic and Quasi-Dynamic (Elasto-Kinematic) analysis can be run and viewed directly from the VTDESIGN interface (and updated dynamically with any cam profile changes).  CNC cutting tool path can also be calculated from kinematics.
  • Spring design tool to create and modify spring shapes, using geometry (axial height vs. helix angle) or force vs. displacement curves.  Spring free stroke, solid height, Eigenmode analysis, and fatigue safety factor are all calculated within the interface.
  • Generation of a GT-SUITE dynamic model with one button press.

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