GT-SPACECLAIM (CAD model building and preparation)

GT-SPACECLAIM is a 3D CAD tool included with GT-SUITE.  Key applications include:

  • Extracting the inner/fluid core (negative) of a solid model
  • Importing and converting common CAD formats to GEM3D and COOL3D
  • Simplifying geometry to prepare a model for simulation
  • Building solid geometry for simulation before production CAD files are available

Importing Geometry

GT-SPACECLAIM uses built-in translation tools to import common CAD formats into GT-SUITE.  Supported formats include Parasolid, Solidworks, NX, STEP, IGES, and many others.  Catia, Pro/E, and JT support is also available, please contact GTI for more details.  For non-solid model formats, repair tools are available to align edges and replace missing surfaces.

Simplifying Geometry

GT-SPACECLAIM has powerful tools for simplifying geometry in preparation for converting to 1-D components.  The flow volume of the imported parts can be easily obtained, and unnecessary features can be removed. By using GT-SPACECLAIM, CAE engineers are able to prepare a model for simulation from the original geometry, rather than requesting specialized exports from the CAD department.

Model Building  

GT-SPACECLAIM also contains a suite of building tools for creating anything from simple concept models to fully-featured parts.  New geometry can be created quickly and easily using simple tools.  A library of parametric shapes is included, and geometry can also be created from a sketch profile.


A single-click export option is available to automatically transfer geometry from GT-SPACECLAIM to GEM3D and COOL3D for conversion into GT-SUITE parts.

GT-SPACECLAIM is a customized version of SpaceClaim Engineer.  For more information about SpaceClaim Engineer, visit


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