GT-ISE (Integrated Simulation Environment)

GT-ISE is the main interface where models are built, simulation settings are declared, and simulations (both single and batch) are launched.  It is an environment where various components are brought into a project map and connected together linking the entire model as a whole.

Some additional features are mentioned below:

  • Many wizards are available to aid users in model construction and simplification.
  • Sections of a model can be organized into “subassemblies” (see screenshot above for an example) to improve usability of the model.
  • Subassemblies can be exported as standalone files and encrypted, for example to allow an OEM to supply an engine to a supplier without divulging confidential information.
  • DOE/batch runs can be easily created by using GT-ISE’s Case Setup with “parameters”, which can be created for nearly any input (i.e. the diameter of a pipe).
  • Various 2D and 3D visualization tools are available for components, for example a 3-D viewer of the GT-SUITE predictive 3D flow junction, the FlowSplit.
  • Monitors (i.e. scopes) can be selected before or during model run-time to display live results. Dialers can also be added which allow inputs to be modified by the user on the fly during run-time.
  • Compound templates (i.e. “super-components”) are available for users to make their own templates from basic components, with their own help files, plots, RLTs, and control signals.
  • Fully defined components can be stored in object libraries, for intuitive organization and data transfer between OEMs and suppliers (such as turbocharger and pump maps, heat exchanger maps, pipes, etc.)

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