Water Heaters

GT-SUITE is an ideal tool for modeling various technologies for water heating.  It is built on a strong platform of thermal fluid simulation and allows fast and accurate steady-state and transient performance.   Inputs to the model can be variables to study changes of different materials, tank size, dip tube dimensions, gas burner design, electric element placement, and more.  Companies using GT-SUITE are able to reduce physical testing by finding optimal designs in simulation instead of trail-and-error testing.

GT-SUITE is often used in a simulation design cycle in conjunction with a separate 3D CFD tool.  The added value of GT includes the capability to model the complete water heater system at various fidelity levels, as well as long transient tests.

Various types of water heaters can be modeled, including:

  • Gas fired water heaters
  • Heat pump water heaters
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Electric water heaters
  • Boilers
  • New technologies or hybrids

Product Highlights

  • Produce results fast.  As opposed to 3D CFD, GT-SUITE’s 1D/3D solution allows the entire transient system to run in minutes to optimize designs.
  • Perform virtual testing and reduce dependency on physical tests, including 24-hour UEF number, first hour rating, recovery efficiency, Tref and V40 ratings.
  • The pre-defined water heater model allows quick learning and easy inputs.
  • Test various water heater control strategies, accounting for variable water draws, water heating on/off modes, and variable heat sources (electric, gas, heat pump).
  • Study performance sensitivity to:  electric heating element location, thermocouple location, dip tube entry height, insulation properties , and more.
  • Optimize components, including burners, heat exchangers, tank geometry, and more.

Key Predictions

  • Transient water temperature at outlet of the water heater
  • Temperature distribution in a 3D storage tank, including dynamics due to mixing and thermal buoyancy
  • For heat pump, full transient 2-phase cycle allows pressures, temperatures, fluid properties throughout the system

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