Combustion and Emissions


GT-POWER includes various solutions for modeling combustion and emissions.  These solutions play an integral role for engine simulations to accurately predict performance, fuel consumption and engine-out emissions.  Various models are available to predict combustion and pollutant formation based on in-cylinder conditions, knock, cycle-to-cycle variation (CCV) and other related processes.  These models enable successful analysis at full and part load, as well as real-time capable transient operation for traditional and advanced combustion concepts.

Product Highlights

  • Predictive combustion models for:
    • Multi-pulse direct injection diesel
    • Port and/or direct injection spark ignition
    • Dual-fuel (premixed fuel-air mixture ignited by direct injection)
    • HCCI
    • User code
  • Imposed burn rate profiles for any combustion concept (derived from cylinder pressure analysis, Wiebe, map based, neural network, etc.)
  • Predictive emissions models for NOx, HC, CO and soot
  • Predictive knock models

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Model any combustion mode with any fuel (SI, diesel, dual-fuel, pre-chamber, HCCI, etc.)
  • Model mean cycle combustion and CCV
  • Detailed kinetics or partial equilibrium for calculating any emissions species
  • Predict knock boundary or evaluate knock onset and intensity using detailed kinetics or induction time integral models
  • Calculate in-cylinder flow and turbulence model which couples to combustion and heat transfer models
  • Model combustion interaction with cylinder FE wall temperature solution
  • Model in-cylinder evaporation