Timing and Auxiliary Drives


Traditionally, timing and accessory drives were designed independently of the crankshaft and camshaft.  However, it is increasingly clear that the response of these drives affect the entire system interaction.  GT-SUITE provides engineers with the traditional layout, wrapping, and static analysis of these systems.  These same models can be linked to already-existing crankshaft and/or camshaft models to study bearing loads, torsional vibrations, and bending effects.  Static layout and dynamic response can now be performed with a single model, in a single tool: GT-SUITE.

Product Highlights

  • Roller and silent chain drives, with rigid or flexible guides, pivoted or translating tensioners
  • Spur and helical gear trains
  • Ring-gears, planetary gear systems
  • Accessory drive (V or ribbed) belts
  • Timing belts with trapezoidal or arc-shaped teeth
  • Planar multibody dynamics, with hubs supported by bearings or shafts
  • Extensive output: chain/belt tension and lateral waves, friction forces, torques, transmission error
  • 2D and 3D animations

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Two-sided silent chains
  • Two-sided timing belts
  • Hydraulic/Mechanical belt/chain tensioners
  • Gears: detailed 2D gear tooth contact kinematics, or faster simulations with equivalent mesh stiffness
  • Compound gear-chain-belt systems
  • Steady-state or fully transient simulations, speed ramps, start-stop
  • Multiple ODE integrators for fast runtime
  • Frequency-domain data analysis tools

Run Integrated Simulations with:

  • Valvetrain
  • Cranktrain
  • Oil circuit /Lube system