GT-SUITE v2022.2 Released!

Gamma Technologies is pleased to announce that GT-SUITE v2022.2 is ready for download. We’re excited for you to discover all that v2022 has to offer, including:

GT-SUITE v2022 Build 2:

There are many updates specific to this build. To see a complete list, please view the “ChangeLog” from our download page or install GT and click the File -> Help -> View Changelog.


GT-SUITE Controls System Modeling

We are continuing to further GT-SUITE as the ideal modeling platform for carrying out controls system modeling, virtual controls calibration and validation in Model in the Loop (MiL), Software in the Loop (SiL), and Hardware in the Loop (HiL) environments. We have added the new capability of compiling a GT-SUITE-RT & GT-POWER-xRT model for the NI Linux Real-Time OS.


Updated Integrated Power Electronics Analysis with GT-PowerForge 

GT-PowerForge now allows for even finer performance analysis of power converters with the additional ability to model DC-DC resonant isolated tank architectures.

Additionally, you can easily customize your power converter design and system level analyses in GT-SUITE by adding your own capacitors, magnetic materials, thermal interfaces, cold plates, and manufacturers into GT-PowerForge’s already extensive libraries.

Other Features and Enchantments Released Earlier This Year in GT-SUITE v2022:

To see a complete list of new features in v2022, please view the “NewFeatures_v2022” document. This can be retrieved from our download page or viewed after installing GT by clicking File -> Manuals -> Installation_and_Evolution -> NewFeatures.


GT-FEMAG enables you to perform steady-state performance analysis of various types of electric machines. It relies on the strong 2D FE Electromagnetic solver “FEMAG,” created by ProFEMAG AG, to create global efficiency and local loss maps. GT-FEMAG is fully integrated into the GT environment which not only amplifies your e-powertrain model with more accurate performance & consumption prediction but also enhances your thermal model with predicted losses.



Web-Assisted Collaboration

Collaboration throughout your engineering department and even your entire company has been made easier with the newly developed GT-Play! In a single, easy-to-use web-based platform, users can load GT-SUITE models from the server, modify their parameters, run them, and analyze the results. Make the most of the valuable information that GT-SUITE models contain by sharing them with groups that may have little or no GT experience. GT-Play is accessible from any internet-connected device, so there is nothing for the end-user to install.



Li-Metal Battery Modeling

Li-metal batteries are emerging as an attractive next-generation technology thanks to their high energy density and their potential for fast charging. GT-AutoLion now contains a new model for Li-metal cells that can capture anode expansion/contraction, which is one of the most important side-effects of Li-metal battery charging/discharging. We have also expanded the capability of GT-AutoLion to be able to predict Lithium stripping and plastic strain.



Lifecycle of GT-SUITE

As you plan your future developments, please see the planned life cycle of GT-SUITE and also make sure that you have the latest of any necessary legacy versions before they reach their end of life and are removed from download. Also, as a reminder, if you are one of the early adopters and are still using v2022.0, we thank you for your enthusiasm and ask that you please update to Build 2 now.

GT-SUITE Evolution Manager

Migrating to a newer version is now easier than ever with the GT-SUITE Evolution Manager. Launch the Evolution Manager from the “Utilities” menu in GT-ISE and it will evolve models to the latest version and provide a summary of any changes in results along with a list of potential causes.

Download Information

Please note that the download of the installer is restricted but can be accessed by the main contact for your site.


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