Gamma Technologies Joins the Maritime Battery Forum to Further Innovation for Marine Vessel Electrification, Fuel Cell and Battery Development

Gamma Technologies [GT] is pleased to announce it is now a member of the Maritime Battery Forum [MBF]. The MBF brings together global industry experts and commercial innovators who wish to move the maritime world towards sustainability and a smarter use of energy. It focuses its interests on ships, batteries and hybrids, and their development. It provides its members up-to-date advancements in technology and the economic aspects of using batteries on ships and other offshore installations.


Syb ten Cate Hoedemaker, Managing Director of the MBF stated, “We welcome Gamma Technologies to the Maritime Battery Forum. Utilizing their GT-SUITE, accurate simulation of marine systems and their predicted performance allows marine manufacturers to confidently design efficient, environmentally friendly vessels. This makes GT the ideal trusted partner for the decarbonization journey of the marine sector, and a valuable new member of the global network of maritime battery enablers within the MBF.”


“We are pleased to be in the company of other global leaders who are committed and share our ambitions toward a sustainable maritime industry,” stated Haitham Mezher, GT’s European Sales Manager. “We know the benefits of collaborating with similarly dedicated organizations accelerates innovation for all that participate. GT is aligned with the Maritime Battery Forum’s mission to promote excellence in the future of maritime engineering and is ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow head on.”


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