Gamma Technologies is Pleased to Announce that GT-SUITE v2023.1 is Released!

We’re excited for you to discover all that v2023.1 has to offer including:

GT-SUITE 2023.1 releasedNew Aftertreatment Solution: GT-xCHEM
We are excited to announce the launch of our new product, GT-xCHEM, that powers innovations in new technologies targeted for cleaner emissions of next generation ICE vehicles. GT-xCHEM unifies the best-in-class capabilities of exothermia suite and GT-SUITE for exhaust aftertreatment, evaporative emissions, chemical systems solutions, and delivers new capabilities essential for the development of regulatory compliant emissions systems.  If you are an existing user of GT for aftertreatment applications, we encourage you to reach out to your GT account representative to learn more about the transition to GT-xCHEM.

GT-FEMAGFaster Battery Models, Deployed on HiL
With new options to build reduced-order physical battery models, GT-AutoLion can simulate years of battery performance and aging within minutes, on your desktop or deployed on a Hardware in the Loop (HiL) machine.

Electric Motor System Design
Complete 2DFE electric motor system design and multi-physics analysis is now possible with the FEMAG toolset, all available within our GT-FEMAG product.

Improved Vehicle Route Mapping Extended to Web Interface
Vehicle routes mapped in GT-RealDrive can now consider road elevation (even in tunnels and on bridges), traffic lights and stop signs, and truck specific routes. Integration into GT-Play offers an easy-to-use web interface accessible on any connected device, extending the power of vehicle simulation to the whole enterprise.

Ready to Learn More About v2023.1?
If you are a GT customer, please download the new features document to learn more. If  you have questions about how GT solutions could improve your product engineering, please contact us today!