Aircraft Engine Systems


GT-SUITE is the ideal modeling platform for aero engine performance analysis.  GT-SUITE models can be used to predict thrust, fuel consumption and emissions over the designed range of altitudes and velocities before engine hardware is available for physical testing.  Construction of GT-SUITE engine thermal models is enhanced by powerful 3D tools for converting CAD geometry into GT models. GT-SUITE is the tool of choice for modeling of engines at all leading automotive OEMs.

Product Highlights

  • Modular model building approach allows modeling of all major engine configurations, plus non-standard configurations as well.
  • Possible configurations include: Single spool, Dual spool, Turbofan, Turbo prop, Turboshaft, Auxiliary Power Units (APU), Piston Engines, Ramjets, Pulsejets & others
  • Solver Features
    • Compressible Navier-Stokes solution
    • Time-accurate solver
      • Mission and Start-up analyses
      • SiL, HiL & RT capable
    • Well-tested compressor and turbine map interpolation and extrapolation capabilities
  • Library of fuels provided with software, plus option to add user defined fuels
  • Controller library to limit turbine inlet temperatures or other critical parameters

Advanced Features and Applications

  • Integration with other systems modeled in GT-SUITE
    • Aircraft vehicle models for mission analysis, including transient altitude and temperature changes
    • Start-up by electric motor with option for detailed electric circuit model
    • Start-up by injection of high pressure air from an APU
    • Fuel injection
    • As a bleed air source for other systems
    • Flexible thermal library available for thermal interactions with structures
    • Rotordynamic simulation of the shaft assembly
    • Lubrication of main and thrust bearings
    • Hydromechanical components in flow stream, e.g., thrust reverser, variable geometry intake or nozzle
  • Variable intakes and nozzles possible, even during transient simulations
  • Equilibrium or kinetic chemistry for combustion modeling
  • Compressor Surge Modeling

These capabilities are included with every GT-SUITE license.