Pumps and Compressors Virtual Workshop Video Recording – Day 1

To access these videos, please contact Jon Harrison at j.harrison@gtisoft.com.

In this pre-recorded training, we start with the basics of creating specific types of pumps and compressors, then show industry case studies for each type.

Separate videos are available each of the following topics:

  • Introduction to pumps and compressor in GT-SUITE
  • How to build:
    • Vane pumps from CAD
    • Gerotor pumps from CAD
    • Scroll compressors from CAD
    • Screw compressor/model
    • Reciprocating compressors
    • Swashplate pumps
    • External Gear pumps

We also have recordings available from a training where went into detail on some advanced Pumps and Compressors topics we see with our customers so that you feel more empowered to perform these tasks on your own. Click here to learn more.

Note: The models included in this presentation were made using GT-SUITE v2020.