AxSTREAM® – Analysis and Design of Centrifugal, Axial & Mixed Flow Machines

SoftInWay develops, markets and supports AxSTREAM®, a unique software platform for the design and analysis of turbomachinery, including compressors, pumps, turbines, fans and more. The integrated AxSTREAM® software platform provides engineers with the capabilities to fully design and optimize their turbomachinery components starting from initial concept all the way to the finished 3D design.

Softinway and Gamma Technologies have joined forces to offer their customers reliable advanced  simulation capabilities for axial, centrifugal, and mixed flow machines based on the complementary strengths of each tool.

Users can rely on the powerful capabilities of AxSTREAM® to generate designs for turbines, compressors, pumps and fans, and generate a collection of GT-SUITE formatted performance maps. From this point, engineers are able to use GT-SUITE to optimize their systems for the best efficiency, operability, etc.  Applications include turbochargers, coolant pumps, turbopumps, fuel cell pumps, gas turbines, and more.

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