Over 500 attend the 16th Annual European and US User Conferences

The 2012 GT-SUITE European Conference was held on October 22, 2012, at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany.  This 16th edition of the conference once again drew a record crowd,with 330 participants, while the 2012 US GT-SUITE Conference, held in Birmingham, Michigan on November 5, was attended by a record 172 participants.

330 Participants Attended the 2012 European GT-SUITE Conference

Starting in 2008, the GT-SUITE European Conference has enjoyed a split session format, and that popular format continued this year with late morning and early afternoon sessions split-out between engine and vehicle topics.  The morning engine session included presentations from Volvo Truck, Deutz, and Mahle Powertrain, while the morning vehicle session was headlined by presentations from Daimler, BMW, and IAV.  In the afternoon, engine session presentations were given by Porsche Engineering, P. Torino (standing in for U. Modena/Ferrari) and GE Jenbacher, while the vehicle session included presentations from INDESA, PSA, and IVK Stuttgart.  In addition to these split session presentations, we were also privileged with joint session presentations from FEV, Honda, Continental, and TU Wien/MAN Truck.  Finally, we were honored to have Mr. Kentaro Watanabe of Nissan provide a keynote presentation on thermal management and emissions modeling as applied to hybrid electric vehicles.

Audience Appreciative of Presentation

During lunch and the intermediate breaks, demonstrations were given in a dedicated room, in which GTI presented many of the new features that were recently released in GT-SUITE V7.3.

Users Interacting and Viewing Demo Stations During Break

On the days following the User Conference, GTI conducted 12 training and seminar events, which were attended by over 200 conference attendees, thus confirming the GT-SUITE User Conference as a true multi-day event.

The U.S. GT-SUITE User Conference was held on November 5 at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham, MI.  Over 172 attendees enjoyed nine quality presentations from FEV, Mahle (work done while at U. Michigan), IAV, GM, Cummins (2), John Deere, Ford, and Chrysler.

Crowd of Over 172 Attend the 2012 U.S. Conference in Birmingham, MI

Mr. Sotirios Mamalis of Mahle Presents his Work on HCCI Modeling

Approved (by the presenting company) presentations from the conference can be found on our website for download.