Powertech Engineering


POWERTECH (PWT) is a flexible and agile consultancy company providing engine simulation and R&D services to the automotive industry. Over the years, PWT accumulated a broad experience in both diesel and gasoline engines, from lawn mowers to container ships. Cutting-edge know-how and the best-in-class simulation tools are our guarantee to satisfy our customers’ needs. PWT’s engineers can carry out in-house as well as off-site projects.

Among our GT-SUITE competencies:

  • Engine performance modeling (e.g. combustion, turbocharging)
  • Acoustics (e.g. intake and exhaust system development)
  • Aftertreatment modeling (i.e. detailed kinetics)
  • RT simulation for XiL applications
  • Vehicle-level modeling (e.g. fuel economy, hybrid and electric powertrains, energy management)
  • Cooling systems, VTM and underhood analyses
  • Fuel Injection Equipment modeling
  • Lubrication circuit modeling
  • 1D + 3D-CFD coupling

Enrico Pautasso
POWERTECH Engineering S.r.l.
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