M Plan

As a long-standing partner of OEMs, system suppliers and component suppliers, M Plan is one of Germany’s leading mobility engineering specialists. We share our passion for mobility, technology and innovation with our employees, freelance experts and with our customers. We support our customers along the entire value chain from the initial idea until mass production. In product development, we make sure to involve tools and body shops from the very beginning and develop them simultaneously throughout the process if requested.

Our GT-SUITE competencies:

  • Lubrication Circuits (Detailed Pumps, Bearings, Camshaft Phaser, Hydraulic lash adjuster, transient / steady)
  • Combustion / Emission (Fuel Injection, combustion modelling, exhaust aftertreatment)
  • Performance simulation (engine, vehicle, lap time simulation)
  • Thermal Management (Vehicle cooling circuits)
  • Acoustics (exhaust and intake systems)
  • 3D Visualization of GT results
  • Modelling strategies for user-friendly usage

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