InDesA is an engineering services and
consultancy company, specialized on the numerical analysis of complex fluid flow, gas dynamics, heat transfer and acoustics applications for various industry sectors but with a focal point on automotive and engine design.We maintain a high standard analysis quality and at the same time make appropriate use of resources by combining analytical approaches with simulation methods based on one or three dimensional flow and thermal transport theory. For one-dimensional analysis we look back on many years of experience with GT-SUITE, especially in the field of vehicle thermal management.

We customize and develop our analysis methods to the needs and development process of our customers. We keep our approaches flexible – whether it is for continuous and substantial development work over years or whether it is for short notice assignments under severe time constraints.

Dr. Gerald Seider
InDesA GmbH
Carl-Zeiss-Ring 19a
85737 Ismaning
InDesA UK Limited
11 Highdown Road / Highdown House
Leamington Spa, CV31 1XT
England, UK
Phone: +49 89 5527978-15